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Make your future happen at Scottsdale Community College

Challenge your mind and discover your passion at Scottsdale Community College (SCC), home to the Fighting Artichokes and hundreds of unique academic programs, such as culinary arts, film, theater, and equine science, all designed to help you explore your skills and find your way to a bright future.

Make connections and enjoy a caring and supportive environment that extends beyond the classroom and throughout the campus with helpful resources, such as counseling and tutoring. 

If you want to continue on to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree, we make it easy with over 40 transfer partners, including Arizona’s public universities, offering step-by-step guided transfer tools and guaranteed admission paths.

Not only will you be investing in your future, but you’ll also be paying low tuition while doing it.

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See what SCC has to offer, and step toward a future where you can grow, learn, and fulfill your potential — a future that will make you and your family proud. Make it happen with SCC!